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This policy aims to ensure the provision and maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions and practices in St. Lawrence International School for all our staff and children. It aims to encourage a culture of Safety awareness within the school. We therefore aim to provide adequate information to identify the needs in respect of training and provide supervision as necessary for the health and safety of staff, children, parents and visitors. The health and safety of our children is of paramount importance to the school staff and every possible aspect of the children’s day is set out with a view to stimulating learning in a safe and secure environment.



All parents are issued  ESCORT CARDS at the beginning of the academic year. Child Dispersal for any parent is permitted only against the ESCORT CARD.

The entire staff of St. Lawrence, teaching and non-teaching is provided with ID card which has to be worn at all times during working hours in school.

Any visitors to school, (not a bona fide staff or a parent of St. Lawrence) are given entry only after duly filling in their details in the Visitor’s Register at the entrance. The visitor’s register captures the name, contact number, person whom they have come to visit/ purpose of visit, in and out time and signature. The photo identity of the visitor is checked at the entrance.



There are functional CCTV cameras that capture the entire entrance of the school at all times.

The campus area surrounding the school building is also under CCTV surveillance.






All classrooms, library, science laboratories, audio-visual rooms, activity rooms, indoor play areas (atriums) are under CCTV surveillance.

All washroom entrances on each floor are under CCTV surveillance. 

All corridors on all the floors are covered under CCTV from all angles.

Duties are allotted to the teaching and nonteaching staff to take rounds such that at any point of time a responsible school authority is observing all areas in the school.

A male and a female attendant are allotted to each floor to assist the teachers and students.

Teachers escort the students for all  Music, Activity, Dance, Library classes ensuring that they are not unescorted at any point of time.

Parent or any visitor has limited access to the school premises.

The staff of St. Lawrence International School are trained for Emergency Evacuation. The emergency evacuation plan is displayed on each floor.

Fully operational fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are installed at regular intervals all across the school building. Periodic upgradation and maintenance of these equipment's are done as per safety norms of the Fire Department.





A lady attendant is deployed in each van during all trips.

A male attendant is all the time present at the van entrance to guard the exit and entry of children.

A fully equipped first aid kit is present in the school van.

A fully functional fire extinguisher is also present in each van.

Proper cross checking of students travelling in the van is done before the van leave the school premises. Any child left due to illness/emergency is noted in the van register. A parent (of a van student) who wishes to pick the child from the school has to sign in the bus register before collecting the child from the van.

Teachers are given duties to monitor the van area to ensure that children enter the correct van and are safe in the van before the van leaves the school.

The van students are not dropped unescorted/ or handed over to unauthorized person at their drop point. They are brought back to school and handed over only to the parent.

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