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St. Lawrence International School strives to create a community of global-minded citizens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding and trust.

Learning With St. Lawrence recognizes the importance of preserving the innate curiosity of a child throughout the learning years. We believe that children at this stage can develop a positive attitude towards learning, if they are given opportunities. They are empowered to use what they already know, to make connections and construct a new meaning and understanding of education.


Online Classes for All

Our online curriculum includes an automated grading and recordkeeping system, as well as various tools to help you customize your child’s learning. We offer transparent quality education, regardless of the situation and location.

Online class in St. Lawrence


The Pre- Primary years at St. Lawrence are thrilling, most enlightening with a plethora of fun-filled learning experiences. It comprises of three levels-

It is a world of awesome learning. We believe that every child is blessed with innate skills. We find reasons to celebrate the Genius in each child.

St. Lawrence International school is organized into various learning areas where we plan invitations to play. Our desire is that it is a space where the students feel comfortable enough to try new things, test out their ideas, and carry through with whatever their imaginations can conceive.

Grades I - II

Our Primary curriculum captures the interest as well as the imagination of child and integrates time – tested skills of teaching and learning, empowering them to become high-end achievers.

Parallel to the language curriculum is our language enrichment program which is aimed to develop communication skills. Our program integrates technology and the expressive arts and offers children multiple opportunities for public speaking and presentations as core 21st-century skills.

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