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St. Lawrence International School is aimed to educate the child and build them so well that he/she will be able to contribute to the making of a more equitable and progressive society. From Pre-primary to class 2nd, the focus of the school is on a holistic & practical approach towards learning.

The school is located at Ram Vihar Colony Para and sprawled in a wide area with excellent infrastructure so that every child can enjoy learning with opportunities to realize his/her innate full potential. The school organizes a gamut of extra-curricular activities related to sports, music, dance, drama & art, etc. This helps in developing students into balanced & confidant individuals. At St. Lawrence International School, we provide a safe, caring, and happy community with a very rich curriculum, varied and enjoyable, and is matched to the needs of each individual to ensure that all children make good progress and achieve skills to become lifelong learners.

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Chairman's Desk

Mrs. Pushpa Singh

The education system has harnessed changes through the very inception of the National Education Policy with loads of updates and innovative measures. We at St. Lawrence International School, Lucknow reflect and practice the spectrum as guided by the policy and the framework. Learning today is clubbed through the blended learning approach and flipped learning as a priority teaching and learning modules. We believe in excellence through working the talk, not just walking the talk and talking the talk. The campus is open for all who believe in learning to learn as a hobby rather than an occasional occurrence. Here we encourage children to find their own unique talents. We believe that we have a responsibility to equip our pupils to build a better world where our children should learn and grow in a community that places great value on individuality through creativity and innovation. Success at St. Lawrence is not simply based on academic excellence alone, we cater to encapsulating, social and emotional intelligence among our students with values of universal brotherhood, harmony, and togetherness. 

I welcome your kids to the cloud of learning with open hands.

With Cheers and fellowship!



This assessment record is also a great tool to share with parents so they can follow their child’s progress at school, understand their child’s strengths and challenges, and plan how they can help extend the learning into their homes. St. Lawrence International School, uses assessment procedures that support a quality program. The underlying philosophy is to create procedures for assessing students that are fair and remain predictable and stable over a period of time.  We believe that parents and students need to be made aware of how students are being assessed at school, how they are performing at school.

The following  procedures outline how assessments look in our school:

  • Observation observation at St. Lawrence is a wholesome and ongoing process. It is not based on testing and examining the child.

  • Portfolios  We maintain a record of data that is collected through the work children have produced over a period of time. The collection clearly shows the progress of a child’s development. A portfolio is an important tool in helping facilitate a partnership between teachers and parents.

  • Teachers observations are very useful in assessing children’s cognitive and language abilities as well as their social-emotional development.  


  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

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St. Lawrence International School, Lucknow, prides itself on a happy workforce over  faculty members and a large support attendants, etc. The school employs competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of the institution.

When determining acceptable qualifications of its faculty, St. Lawrence gives primary consideration to the educational qualifications and also attaches great importance to competence, effectiveness, and capacity, including, related work experiences in the field, professional degrees, and certifications, honors and awards, continuous documented excellence in teaching, or other demonstrated competencies and achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes.
Faculty at our school are recruited after a rigorous selection process which is followed by in-house training, orientation, remuneration package, designed to attract the best talent, and to provide suitable career-enhancement, job enrichment, and an increased sense of achievement and belongingness. The management encourages the faculty to upgrade their specialization and pursue any research work to develop their talents further.

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